GT Bank Sierra Leone Celebrates Customer Service Week With Assorted Gifts

In a grand display of customer appreciation during Customer Service Week, Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank) Sierra Leone distributed a variety of gifts to its patrons at the main headquarters in Freetown on Tuesday, October 11th. The celebratory atmosphere extended from the Wilberforce headquarters to its 14 branches across the nation.

Speaking on the rationale behind the GT Bank Customer Service Week, Head of Cooperate Affairs, Arthur Kallon revealed that Customers Service Week which normally occurs in the first week of October is an international celebration that cooperate institutions use to appreciate their customers.

Kallon extolled the longstanding harmonious relationship between GT Bank and its customers, highlighting the customer-centric nature of the bank’s products and services, informed primarily by customer feedback.

Describing GTBank line of activities with customers and staff during the 5 days celebration, Kallon said, “We stay consistent to what others are doing across all subsidiaries, across GTCO, Africa and the United Kingdom. There are some areas we go overboard; there are some areas we stay within the limit. What we are doing here we dedicated the five working days to different activities from Monday to Friday. If you check out our branches in Freetown and all 14 branches you will notice that there are different types of celebrations. The attire that staffs are using throughout this week is remarkable, and beautiful. The official colours of GT Bank which Orange and white is being expressed in the way we dress throughout the cause of this week. We have raffle draws that staff are winning Top up Cards, Teacups, Keys or Key Holders, Pens, diaries and refreshments that ranges from sweets biscuits to create a relaxing mood.”

As the culmination of the week, staff will dress in the attire of various professions they serve, including the police, teachers, journalists, and pilots, symbolizing the deep connection between the bank and its diverse clientele.

The distributions of gifts to customers, were done by staffs with great delight, as the team distributed hundreds of assorted items to most of their customers in the banking hall.

Kallon called on customers and staff to enjoy the week and trust the GT Banking Process. He acknowledged that there are some challenges even outside the industry, but they will continue to work on them.

A beneficiary driver at the GT Bank Headquarters, Alusine said, ‘I am very happy with what you people are doing. This afternoon I didn’t even know I was going to get a special gift. I am surprised.”

Similarly, Isatu Mansaray thanked GT Bank for the donated items. She added that this is the first time she has received such a gift from a Banking institution in Sierra Leone.

GT Bank has consistently built its reputation on exceptional customer service and anticipating their needs, standing out for its commitment to delivering quality banking experiences.