GTBank MD Opens Rutile Branch

The Managing Director of one of Sierra Leone’s leading banks, Guaranty Trust Bank (SL) Ltd, popularly known as GTBank, Ade Adebiyi, has opened the 15th branch of that Bank at Moriba Town, Imperie Chiefdom, Rutile.

The opening ceremony, which took place on Monday 24th May, 2021 and was witnessed by stakeholders, has been described as a sign of relief to residents of that community and beyond.

Speaking during the ceremony, Managing Director, Ade Adebiyi, reflected on when they started operations in 2002, and how it opened its first branch at Cline Town in the east of Freetown. He extended thanks and appreciation to the chiefs and all other stakeholders for their support to make the branch opening a success. He went on to say that GTBank is a high quality financial services provider, with the urge to be the best at all times, whilst adding value to all stakeholders. He added that they are a team driven to deliver the utmost in customer service, as they are synonymous with innovation, building excellence and superior financial performance; and creating role models for society.

The MD disclosed that the Bank now has 8 branches outside Freetown for two reasons:

“We are taking advantage of expanding the retail footprint of the Bank across the country. We look at this town as strategic, apart from that, Moriba Town houses major mining companies in the country, so we believe that this branch will not only serve to expand our retail footprint, but also to tap into the operation and the value chain of the mining community.”

The MD allayed the fears of customers in terms of security, by disclosing further that GTBank is one of two banks with the largest shareholders’ fund in the country.

“We believe that we have the financial robustness, in terms of their money, it is safe. We are probably the second in terms of largest branch network in the country. Very good profitability over the years and also testifies to the strength of our operations, very good liquidity as it were. I don’t think they should worry about security; their money is absolutely safe.”

He also said that the Bank’s basic accounts services such as savings, current accounts and access to the cards for them to get access to their money 24/7 through their ATM service will be in full operation in that town.

Workers will have access to quick and easy salary loans, which they can pay for over 24 months, with competitive interest rates, and they will also have access to the various banking products such as Banking on your phone and other internet kind of products, while bringing customer’s services with good infrastructure.

The MD emphasized that GTBank has the capability to serve Moriba Town and its environs, adding that this is why the branch has four teller points to address the crowd during payday.

He encouraged residents of Rutile to open accounts with the Bank and taste the quality of service they will get and get exposed to the array of products that they offer, as accessibility is now a thing of the past.

“Even if you have account, open another one and enjoy the quality of services we offer. Our services are guaranteed and that is why we are the Guaranty Trust Bank”.

Moriba Town Chief, Chief Tommy Moribe Valalie, said the opening of GTBank in that community is a relief to them and also made his head big.

“I thank God for giving us this opportunity. I want us to support GTBank as community.”

He said most of the workers in that community encountered a lot of difficulty to access their salaries.

The newly appointed Chiefdom Speaker of Imperie Chiefdom, Thomas B.M. Sabbah, also expressed happiness for the bank to be with them to render services to his people.

He said GTBank is the only Bank that is operating within the community people, adding that they will help minimize the crowd in the only bank they have. He also advised GTBank to do all they can to render service to the people according to their needs, as that will help sustain them.

Civil Society Focal Person Bonthe District, Augusta Nuwomah, assured the Bank of stronger working relationship with the community. She said they have move 20 miters ahead of what they are looking for.

LUC Rutile Division representative, Emmanuel Mattia, said they appreciate GTBank very much.

“Our primary responsibility is to protect lives and property. It is our duty to provide a peaceful environment for business to go on. We are ready to give you the support in terms of security to make sure that business goes on smoothly.”

Financial Intelligent Unit (FIU) E&C Head, Sahr Kassegbama, said they want the community to work with the Bank and for the Bank to conduct graphical risk assessment. He thanked GTBank for bringing financial services to the doorstep of the people.

Sierra Rutile Community Affairs Manager, Osman Lahai, expressed happiness on behalf of his company to have a second bank in that community.

He said the coming of GTBank will help decongest the other bank.

“This is a big opportunity and a blessing for us.”

There are lots of excitements from residents of that region from okada riders to traders within the township of Moriba. They described GTBank’s coming as a liberation for them.

Umu Kabba, a teacher and one of GTBank’s customers, explained that she usually travels to Bo or Freetown to collect her salary, because the Bank was not in that community. She furthered that the coming of the Bank to their doorsteps has cut the cost of transportation and the high risk of traveling in and out of Rutile just to collect salary.

Mrs. Kabba has been with GTBank for More than ten years. She expressed over the establishment of a branch of the Bank in their community, stressing that she has been long with the bank because of their services.

“If they don’t have good services, I should have left them long before now, because they have good services that is why I am still with them.”

Before the cutting of ribbon by GTBank Managing Director, traditional leaders poured libation as a signed of recognition.

The newly appointed Chiefdom Speaker of Imperie Chiefdom, Thomas B.M. Sabbah, was the first to open an account with the Bank in Moriba Town.